[Bug 52670] Re: Kubuntu setting default components don't affect gnome/gtk apps

Tsvi Mostovicz ttmost at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 13:47:00 UTC 2007

Ok, I did some analysis of what happens when you set defaults in kde default applications.
As I mentioned above this has nothing to do with kde systemsettings which is just a cute view of kcontrol meant for kubuntu.
When you select another default application for email/browsing etc. kcontrol (which is part of kdebase) runs the following function.

void CfgBrowser::save(KConfig *) {

	KConfig *config = new KConfig("kdeglobals");
	QString exec;
	if (radioExec->isChecked())
	   exec = lineExec->text();
	   if (m_browserService && (exec == m_browserExec))
	      exec = m_browserService->storageId(); // Use service
	      exec = "!" + exec; // Litteral command
	config->writePathEntry("BrowserApplication", exec, true, true);
	delete config;


	emit changed(false);

If you check the headers, you'll find the function writePathEntry is part of the kconfigbase class.
This function will write a entry to the users home directory at ~/.kde/share/config/some_file (depending on the setting you're changing.)

So to detect changes you'd want something that can detect

The true problem here is as mentioned above, the fact that Thunderbird
doesn't check the browser environment variable but goes directly by
calling x-www-browser which is system wide defined by update-
alternatives and therefore should not be changed on a multi-user

So yes, there's where I stop the problem seems to be with thunderbird
and not with kde for it not checking user specific variables (where are
they set in gnome?) for the moment.

Kubuntu setting default components don't affect gnome/gtk apps
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