[Bug 29012] Re: Downloads dialog box is blank

Alexander Sack asac at jwsdot.com
Tue Jun 19 19:45:10 UTC 2007

i dropped your downloads.rdf in my profile and cannot reproduce. Maybe
there was a bug once that is now gone?

In your downloads.rdf i see an entry which appears to contain duplicate
nodes (DateStarted, DateEnded ...) - see below. Anyway, latest firefox
in feisty doesn't choke on this if i drop it in my profile ... so please
let us know if its gone for you as well (when using the profile
directory attached to this bug).


=== Somehow Duplicated: DateStarted, DateEnded, DownloadState, ProgressPercent
  <RDF:Description RDF:about="file:///tmp/ng-spice-rework-17.tar.gz"
    <NC:Transferred>5745KB of 5781KB</NC:Transferred>
    <NC:Transferred>4320KB of 5781KB</NC:Transferred>
    <NC:URL RDF:resource="http://mesh.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/ngspice/ng-spice-rework-17.tar.gz"/>
    <NC:File RDF:resource="file:///tmp/ng-spice-rework-17.tar.gz"/>
    <NC:DateStarted NC:parseType="Date">Wed May 02 16:35:19 GMT 2007 +049525</NC:DateStarted>
    <NC:DateStarted NC:parseType="Date">Wed May 02 17:34:29 GMT 2007 +741857</NC:DateStarted>
    <NC:DateEnded NC:parseType="Date">Wed May 02 16:35:56 GMT 2007 +680689</NC:DateEnded>
    <NC:DateEnded NC:parseType="Date">Wed May 02 17:34:53 GMT 2007 +532467</NC:DateEnded>
    <NC:DownloadState NC:parseType="Integer">1</NC:DownloadState>
    <NC:DownloadState NC:parseType="Integer">3</NC:DownloadState>
    <NC:ProgressPercent NC:parseType="Integer">100</NC:ProgressPercent>
    <NC:ProgressPercent NC:parseType="Integer">75</NC:ProgressPercent>

Downloads dialog box is blank
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