[Bug 119281] Report Needed

hammady hammady at islamway.net
Sun Jun 10 12:06:18 UTC 2007

I tried to upload the detailed report twice and it says:

Sorry, you can't do this right now

Launchpad is offline at the moment for maintenance. It should be back,
better than ever, soon. Thanks for your patience.
The Launchpad team

Please download it from http://www.hammady.net/ffcrash.tar.gz
It will expire tomorrow so please fetch it fast.

Hosam Hammady

Hilario J. Montoliu \(hjmf\) <hmontoliu at gmail.com> wrote on 8 Jun 2007,
07:53 PM:
Subject: Re: [Bug 119281] Report Needed
>Hi, hammady.
>El vie, 08-06-2007 a las 15:15 +0000, hammady escribiأ³:
>> Hey,
>> I found what the problem is
>> the download target was a fat32 partition, it has an inherent file size
>> limit of 4GB. So firefox crashed because it did not expect this to happen
>> guess!
>> I discovered this because I splitted the large file, copied it to the FF
>> machine (using wget) then tried to merge the files but I got the error:
>> file size limit exceeded with the file being 4GB also!
>Good feedback, thank you.
>> Please tell me if you still need any reports, btw I uploaded the crash
>> report already.
>We need the symbolized stacktrace of the crash in order to complete the
>The crash report you have submitted (which is the *small* crash report)
>as you don't have installed the dbg package for firefox is useless (you
>can see in it a bunch of useless "(no debugging symbols found)").
>In order to retrace the coredump of the crash with debug symbols we need
>you to upload that coredump file which is attached in the *full* crash
>report located at /var/crash.
>So hammady, please, as stated in my previous post: "Could you please try
>to obtain a backtrace by following the instructions on [1], or upload
>the crash report that probably was generated during the crash and that
>should be located at /var/crash/ to [2]."
>Thanks in advance,
>H. Montoliu
>[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs
>firefox crashed
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what do you know about prophet Mohammad?! 

firefox crashed
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