[Bug 38131] Re: Firefox causes massive Xorg CPU usage

Alexander Sack asac at jwsdot.com
Thu Jun 7 00:25:46 UTC 2007

thanks luka, i added the proposed workaround to the summary, so other
users can test and report their experience.

** Description changed:

+ ---
+ Proposed workaround: use
+   Option      "AccelMethod" "exa"
+ in device section of your xorg.conf
+ ----
  Since installing Dapper Flight 6 last week, I've been plagued by an
  extremely slow Firefox, though this problem was not present in my
  previous Dapper install that had, at one point, been Breezy.
  When running top, I've found that Xorg tends to take up 60%+ of the CPU
  with the remaining percentage being devoted to Firefox, or sometimes
  vice versa.
  This prompted me to edit my xorg.conf.
  I found that my default config file listed the Device Driver as 'nv'
  instead of 'nvidia' as it always had been on my machine before I
  installed Flight 6.
  Reading advice in
  https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/32561 ( also
  prompted me to add MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 to /etc/environment.
  I don't report bugs very often, so I'm not sure on the policy of
  providing a fix for a problem within the main bug report.  :P

** Tags added: mt-eval

Firefox causes massive Xorg CPU usage
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