[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

Porfirio porfirio.ribeiro at sapo.pt
Thu Jul 26 09:01:02 UTC 2007

I am with you.

We cant force no one to jump into Linux.

Linux is great, thats a true, but for some people it might not be

If in all your life used and learned using a PC with Linux, for sure
when you get into windows you would say "Where the hell is my apt-get?
Why is so hard to get and build programs from source? DLL Hell!! "

Thats what appen when someone used to windows go to Linux, they miss the
things they are used too, they ask "Where do i get a
AntiVirus\Spy\MallWare and firewall for Linux? Where the $$%#$$%"#$%/
program is?"

Linux is not Windows!

Both have good and bad points, it all depends on your uses. I am a Linux
lover but i am stuck to Windows because of my business program ( its
being impossible to run it on wine :( )

Long life Linux, one day it will be ready for everyone, just a matter of

Microsoft has a majority market share
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