[Bug 123989] Re: undefined symbol: NS_CStringContainerInit

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at ubuntu.com
Sun Jul 8 22:48:14 UTC 2007

17:30 <     pochu> asac: emilio at kiko:~$ ldd /usr/lib/liferea/liblihtmlm.so | grep -i xpcom
17:30 <     pochu>         libxpcom.so => not found
17:30 <     pochu> Might that be the cause of the bug?
17:31 <      asac> pochu: no ... it is found because of startscript
17:31 <      asac> pochu: you need libxpcom_core.so as well
17:31 <      asac> e.g. so that plugin has to be linked against that
17:32 <      asac> e.g. read: totel again uses more of the mozilla framework than what is a must have of firefox-plugins
17:33 <      asac> s/totel/totem/
17:33 <      asac> pochu ... as -lxpcom_core to LDFLAGS
17:34 <      asac> in the makefile that builds this plugin
17:34 <      asac> (in liferea)
17:34 <      asac> this should probably help

I've tried it. However, it doesn't work.

undefined symbol: NS_CStringContainerInit
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