[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

Nick_Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Fri Jul 6 19:36:48 UTC 2007

Ricket Said:

This makes me laugh.
Until Ubuntu is as easy to set up, use, and as stable as Windows, as well as universally-supported, Ubuntu will never replace Windows.
Chances of that happening in the near future? Slim.

Hello Ricket

I have set up several windows machines recently, not out of choice. From
getting from an XP disc to a fully patched system with all miscellaneous
drivers installed and productivity software installed typically takes
2-3 hours. If you replace a motherboard on an XP machine, you need to
re-install. If you change a motherboard, you often either need to buy a
new license for £95 or hassle a license out of Microsoft.

On the other hand, you can swap a hard drive with Ubuntu installed
between machines / change motherboards without having to re-install etc.
If you need to re-install from scratch, takes 23 minutes INCLUDING a
whole selection of productivity software.

In terms of support, I wouldn't say that any operating system has
universal support. More different programs currently run on windows than
Ubuntu, that is true. However, most people who use computers will find
software on Ubuntu which does what they need.

In terms of stability, Windows is much more stable than it used to be,
but ignoring problems exchanging hardware and malware compromises etc
which more seriously impact windows reliability than Linux, still
appears to me far less stable than Linux. Of the 6 machines I
administer, which work very hard delivering web applications and
database to thousands of users, the average uptime amongst them is 6
months - that is without trying to maintain uptimes or being bothered
about reboots.

In terms of hardware support, as manufacturers become increasingly aware
of the Linux customer base, they will begin to ensure Linux
compatibility before release, not as an afterthought. Life is relatively
easy for Apple who don;t have to worry much about hardware
compatibility, as Apple mostly chooses the hardware ther OS runs on.

Microsoft has a majority market share
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