[Bug 107093] Re: System freezes (possibly Gecko)

Martin Bartlett martin.bartlett at club-internet.fr
Sun Jul 1 20:45:32 UTC 2007

Having had the same problem in - ahem - Mandriva 2007.1, FF -
with Firefox running, the system freezes quicker and quicker - I
examined this and other reports and, just for kicks, cleared the FF
cache (before FF had done its nasty), and set it to clear after every
close of FF.

I haven't had a freeze since!

I THINK (though I have no documentary evidence to support this - only
circumstantial) that the cache got corrupted when my over zealous son
got impatient and killed FF while it was closing - THEN FF screwed up
its own cache more and more as it went through the reboot, restart FF,
freeze cycle.  At the time of each freeze there was TONS of IO activity
going on which turned out to be on the /home partition - evidence for
THAT being that the /home partition was the one with lots of orphan
inodes cleared at the restart.

Whatever it was, the cache clear seems to have done the trick - hope
someone more tenacious can now find out why.

System freezes (possibly Gecko)
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