[Bug 42795] Re: Javascript libraries like Lightbox and moofx break

rpdillon launchpad.rpdillon at xoxy.net
Mon Feb 19 16:53:26 UTC 2007

This hasn't been an issue in 2.0 on Edgy for me.   I can't provide a
testcase for Dapper because I've migrated all my machines to Edgy more
or less the week it came out.

I can say that when the whole Firefox/Iceweasel furor came around, I was
surprised to find that the 1.5 FF packages were broken, but Iceweasal
worked fine.   I think I concluded it was strictly a build issue, but
because I could never actually get FF to build from source (it was
surprisingly hard!), I never found out what exactly was causing it.

Binary builds from mozilla.org have always (and continue to) work - all
versions, all platforms.

Javascript libraries like Lightbox and moofx break

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