[Bug 14911] Re: Flash plugin problem with ARGB visuals causes crash

CH yogich at sc2000.net
Tue Feb 13 03:40:07 UTC 2007

The following was the case with Dapper, which also had the Firefox crash

After seeing the problem, post-performance of 'apt-get dist-upgrade'...
I saved all the downloads, recovered the previous day's backup and
commenced, on a hunch, to manually upgrade Firefox, rather than
upgrading the whole enchalada at once (as I usually do, with 'apt-get
dist-upgrade').  Instead, I performed 'apt-get install firefox' after
the downloads were all completed.

The result was that the 'mozilla-firefox' package was removed ...and
with that, the flash plugin/Firefox bug was also removed.  Subsequent
'apt-get dist-upgrade' then upgraded the remaining packages --minus
mozilla-firefox, of course.

Flash plugin problem with ARGB visuals causes crash

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