[Bug 71802] Re: apt-get build-dep fails

Graeme Humphries graeme at sudo.ca
Sun Dec 23 00:59:55 UTC 2007

I'm seeing a variation of this bug on Gutsy/AMD64:

root at RoH:~/build# apt-get build-dep avidemux
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Build-Depends dependency for avidemux cannot be satisfied because the package libsmjs-dev cannot be found

I'm assuming libsmjs-dev has be superseded by libmozjs-dev, but
installing libmozjs-dev doesn't resolve the build-dep for this package.
However, "dpkg-buildpackage -b -d" in the source directory *does* build
avidemux using libmozjs-dev. The only change required is to alter the
line in debian/rules that refers to jsapi to:

        --build=$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --with-jsapi-
include=/usr/include/mozjs --with-newfaad

So, it seems like for packages like this, perhaps libmozjs-dev should
symlink /usr/include/mozjs to /usr/include/smjs, and include a tag in
the package to provide libsmjs-dev? I mean, or the debian/rules file in
gutsy should be changed. ;)

apt-get build-dep fails 
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