[Bug 173198] Re: firefox 2.10 freezing gutsy

shanen (Shannon Jacobs) shanen at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Dec 7 23:07:43 UTC 2007

Thank you for your comment and polite suggestion, but that doesn't seem
to be a very plausible diagnostic step. If I had some step to reproduce
the problem, then it would be useful, since I could try it both days,
but as a just "wait and see" step, it seems useless. The lack of
anything happening would prove nothing, and I would have to hope for the
luck of something happening (since a crash would be the case proving the
disabled extensions were not the cause). I use two of the extensions
quite heavily, and if I have to be severely inconvenienced, then I might
as well go back to Windows and wait for the Ubuntu people to get their
act together.

I am willing to run a certain number of diagnostic tests, especially
including tests that might make the problem reproducible (and therefore
fixable). I am willing to search the logs for evidence if someone will
give me some hints about what to search for. However, I am not willing
to work as a random beta tester. If the software isn't ready for real
use, then I'm sorry, but I have some things I really want to do.

I will say that I have not seen any recurrence of the Firefox-only crash
that I reported in this bug. However, just this morning I have seen two
recurrences of a more serious crash, the white screen of death, which
might possibly be related to it. I hadn't seen any of them for quite a
while, so now I'm pretty worried again. The white screen of death is a
total lockup of the system, not just Firefox, and requires a total power
down and reboot...

firefox 2.10 freezing gutsy
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