[Bug 174229] Re: [hardy] fonts smaller after update

Kow kd.drake at comcast.net
Fri Dec 7 17:29:38 UTC 2007

For those with the same issue as me here is what I did to workaround it
(and keep an unbroken repository). First, force remove fontconfig-config
(the new hardy version.) This will break your system temporarily! Make
sure the folder /etc/fonts and all of its subfolders and files are
deleted. Then install the gutsy version. Make a complete backup of
/etc/fonts to some folder in your home directory (to be safe choose this
local.) Next, install the hardy version. Delete /etc/fonts and then copy
over your backup. This will maintain a working local repository and your
fonts will be fixed. I know these steps are somewhat ambiguous but this
workaround is not meant for someone with little experience. I'm not sure
if deleting /etc/fonts (without a replacement) would render X11
unusable, it shouldn't... but its worth mentioning the risk. If you dont
want to risk it then wait. The fonts are not unreadable by any means but
I agree they do look like crap. I noticed 2.4 -> 2.5 of fontconfig added
braile support which may have to do with the problem. I'll take the time
this weekend to go through and figure out exactly what is causing this
in the /etc/fonts configuration files.

[hardy] fonts smaller after update
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