[Bug 173585] Re: firefox renders text over images

Joe Harrington jh at alum.mit.edu
Thu Dec 6 17:29:36 UTC 2007

No, I am not using a projector.  A projector just takes what's on your
screen and puts it on the wall, it doesn't change what is done in your
web browser.  The projector mode on this page is probably just so that
the font and colors are not tiny and washed out, as these are hard to
read otherwise.

I have often come across pages like this, but not often enough that I
can just go out and find one (I tried).  I probably hit one every couple
of weeks or so, often on high-end news/commercial sites with lots of
specialized stuff on them.  Sometimes the images even go over the text.
If I find another one, I'll post it here.

I looked at the page above in IE.  The first block is rendered right,
but down below they do have an overlapping/leaking block.  However, when
I do ctrl+ and ctrl-, the whole page just scales, and there is *no*
alteration in the relative placement of any page elements.  The text
blocks do not spill out.  The leaking block below stays leaking by
exactly the same amount.  This is quite different from firefox's
behavior.  Perhaps the IE behavior could be implemented and offered, at
least as an option?  I can see advantages to both (firefox always shows
you the full content within your current page width, so no horizontal
scrolling unless you had it at mag 1.  IE never misrenders.

A question: what is firefox policy for things that IE does differently
from the standards. such that many web pages incorrectly depend on the
IE behavior?


firefox renders text over images
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