[Bug 173585] Re: firefox renders text over images

Joe Harrington jh at alum.mit.edu
Thu Dec 6 00:00:38 UTC 2007

I have not done that, wasn't even aware it was possible (thanks!  what
other of the reasons I used to prefer galeon are lurking undocumented?
can I get my tabs down the left side?  paste a URL onto a titlebar icon
to get a new page opening it?).

I do see that if I use the ^+ keystroke, I can make the text leak past
some static box that must have been set for it.  Is that a bug?  It
looks like at least an incomplete feature: if fonts get magnified, the
space they're in ought to be, too.

I restarted firefox to take this morning's update, and lo and behold the
page looked fine.  The font is smaller than it was before.  I was
writing an "all done" comment when I decided to see what other browsers
did.  Opera displays it bigger and leaking out of the box.  I made a new
tab and visited it in firefox, per the description above, and it was
bigger in that tab than in my original one, and leaking over the
following text again!  When I went back to the original window, so was
it.  Then I killed both tabs and restarted firefox, and the problem was
there with the first visit to the page (after changing colors, which
also changes font size).

So, try revisiting the site in another tab and see what happens.  Be
sure to do the color change as written above.


firefox renders text over images
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