[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

Dennis Murczak dmurczak at versanet.de
Sun Dec 2 13:48:00 UTC 2007

I agree with you, treetaxi. This is the ultimate cause that blocks
fixing the bug. Missing games and other vendor support are only symptoms
of this. Hardware and software vendors will mostly ignore us desktop-
wise until Linux is a driving force there, i.e. a good sales target.

Because everybody thinks there is no money in desktop Linux, and
Shuttleworth hasn't started a massive worldwide ad campaign yet, we are
left with our grassroots work. We know it can work because grassroots
activism made Firefox insanely popular. We must make *buntu known enough
to the public that you can read about it all over the web (not only on
tech sites), and finally in the mainstream news.

I recommend setting up some professionally made viral videos and placing
them on youtube. That would be a good start to draw a significant amount
of general attention to *buntu. As a KDE zealot, I also emphasize that
we stress there are several editions of Ubuntu, or make separate videos
for the different Buntus :-)

We could, no, should, also start a campaign demanding that hardware
vendors should mention Linux in the system requirements on the box when
there is clearly Linux support for that hardware. The vendor just has to
shove in a live CD or consult a HCL for that, so it's not much effort
needed on his side.

We must do everything to increase the Linux user base, because it will
mean more people working on the rough edges that are left and irritate
new users, more software packagers and bug fixers, more commercial
software/games, more people that don't get an irritated look when we
start talking Linux and more pressure on MS to adhere to open standards.
We can only win, we know that, but progress is AWFULLY slow when we
limit ourselves to mouth-to-mouth propaganda and reinstalling a few PCs
here and there. We need some sort of central voice and viral marketing.
That's where it all starts.

Microsoft has a majority market share
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