Merge ubuntu-motu at lists into ubuntu-devel-discuss at lists?

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Wed Oct 18 00:44:12 UTC 2023

Hi folks,

There is a mailing list, ubuntu-motu at, that sees very little
activity.  While MOTU as a concept still exists for those who are approved
uploaders to universe but not main (, it's been
quite some time that this list is not being used for discussions within that
subcommunity of developers.

Indeed, I think most MOTU are probably not tracking the list at all, and a
look at the message history over the past 6 months shows the only threads
started on there are from users asking for help with one universe package or
another.  It's not clear to me how users are finding this as a contact
address, but it's not a good experience for them; the list is infrequently
moderated (I have the impression that it's less frequently than
ubuntu-devel*), and there are only a handful of developers who answer on the
list (myself, Robie, maybe a few others?).

I'd therefore like to propose we close this mailing list and forward the
address on to ubuntu-devel-discuss at, which at least has a
larger subscriber base and is more likely to result in users getting help
with their questions.


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