The package python3-fastapi in Ubuntu 22.04 has broken dependencies

Kamil Mankowski mankowski at
Wed Jul 12 07:09:07 UTC 2023

Hey all,

I ran into troubles with the python3-fastapi package. Looks like when 
copying packages from Debian, the python3-fastapi and it's main 
dependency python3-starlette were imported in incompatible versions, 
although they are in the right versions in Debian repos.

This is an already known issue in the corresponding Launchpad project:

The suggested, and probably the best solution, would be to backport the
python3-fastapi 0.74.1-1 from the Ubuntu 22.10.

What should I do to make it happen? Are you able to assist me with this 

Best regards,
Kamil Mankowski GmbH
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