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Thu Sep 8 00:56:12 UTC 2022

Hi Steve,

On Thu, Sep 8, 2022 at 12:12 AM Steve Langasek
<steve.langasek at> wrote:
> For the record, while this is in no way a blocker for accepting the package,
> I consider it a bug to have an Ubuntu Vcs-Git field pointing to any
> repository that can't be directly committed to by everyone who has access to
> upload the package.

Really!? IMHO, it'd be nice to have access to push but it should in no
way be a bug. You can still create MPs, et al. I understand that it's
mildly annoying and cumbersome but I don't see this as a bug at all.
What if someone wants to maintain a package by themselves or wants to
make sure that anything that's pushed is at least reviewed, et al? I
mean, these are just trivial things but I don't see not having push
access to be a blocker or a bug.

OTOH, if we really see this as a bug, is this something that's
documented somewhere?

> In this case, that could be addressed by adding ubuntu-motu to the
> farsi-fonts team.

Or/and perhaps ubuntu-core-dev? :)

- u

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