mender-client package outdated in kinetic

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Wed Nov 16 03:50:05 UTC 2022

Hi Lluís,

On Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 07:44:37PM +0100, Lluís M. Campos Martínez wrote:
> Hi Ubuntu MOTU Developers,

> I am one of the uploaders of mender-client package in Debian [1]

> I just realized that the package is still in version for 3.0.0 Ubuntu
> Kinetic [2]. However, by the time of the Debian Import Freeze (August 25
> according to [3]), it should have been at least 3.3.0 in Debian unstable.

> Is there anything wrong with this package that requires my attention?

> I know it is too late for Kinetic, I just want to understand what is going
> on before the next release :) I couldn't find any open bug in
> or any other indication of QA issues in
> Any guidance is appreciated.

> [1]

> [2]

> [3] shows
that 3.3 was never picked up for sync.  Looking at shows
why: 3.3.0+ds1-1 was uploaded to experimental, not to unstable; and
3.3.0+ds1-2 was not uploaded to unstable until October 14.  Ubuntu syncs
from unstable, not from experimental.

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