Request to update mypaint-data package in focal

Erich Eickmeyer eeickmeyer at
Thu Jun 4 20:07:58 UTC 2020

Hi Jesper,

On 6/4/20 12:55 PM, Jesper Lloyd wrote:
> Hi,
> Some of the icons shipped in the mypaint-data package
> ( in focal cannot be
> rendered by librsvg 2.48, leading to missing icons in the gui and
> exceptions when icons are loaded dynamically in tool panels.
> If possible, it would be nice if this package could be updated to the
> version with the corrected icons.
> Current package in Debian unstable contains the corrected icons:
> Related bug reports:
> Thanks, and tell me if there's anything I can do to help.
> (apologies if this is the wrong mailing list for this kind of request)
Yeah, this is the wrong way to request such things, but is a good
discussion for this list. The proper way is a bug report via "ubuntu-bug
mypaint" in a terminal (mypaint-data is a subpackage of the mypaint
source code).

That said, it seems someone already beat you to this [1].  The tricky
part here is that it needs to be turned into a Stable Release Update
(SRU)[2] to be properly considered.


The biggest issue I can see, and why I initially glossed-over it, is
because it mentioned the issue in the Cinnamon desktop, which made me
think it might be an issue there (mostly because, for some reason, I
hadn't seen the issue myself). So, if you could possibly explain in a
comment in the bug report what you see, and even the links to the github
bug reports, that would be excellent in helping explain the situation to
the SRU team. There is a possibility that I could sponsor a bugfix upload.

Honestly, this is a worthy discussion for this list, but a better place
to report it would've been the bug report. I hope this helps.

Erich Eickmeyer
Project Leader
Ubuntu Studio

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