Include updated upstream version of AutoKey in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

Little Girl littlergirl at
Sat Feb 15 19:22:17 UTC 2020

Hey there,

The links below list Ubuntu MOTU as the maintainer of autokey, so I
hope this was the right place for me to send this.

I'm trying to find out whether there's someone who needs a nudge when
a package has been updated upstream. In this case, I'm talking about
AutoKey, which recently got a new maintainer on the Debian team and
has very recently been added to Debian. Several of us would love to
see this particular package make it into the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
repository, so I thought I'd make an attempt at a nudge.

If you look on the page, all
Ubuntu releases (including the daily build beta for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
are currently offering version 0.90.4-1.1 of AutoKey. That version has
several bugs, is no longer supported, is not maintained, has been
replaced, and is currently at the much more solid 0.95.9 version.

You can get more information about the current version here:

You can see Debian's AutoKey maintainer's recent Debian pull request
for the current version of AutoKey here:

The AutoKey Google group recently had this message from one of the
team members that explains why the package should be updated:

	Note: That page is long, so if the link takes you to some
	other part of the page, do a search for "Holey moley!" and
	you'll find the message from Joe that discusses this.

Also, I noticed that there's an autokey-qt package, but the only
release it's available in is Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS. I'm not sure if
that's an oversight or what, so I thought I'd mention it here in case
that needs to be looked into. That one is listed separately here:

Once again, hopefully this was the right place to send this message.
If any of you have questions that I don't know the answers to, feel
free to let me know. I can ask them in the Google group. They're very
responsive and helpful.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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