Call for nominations: Developer Membership Board

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Fri Feb 7 08:37:13 UTC 2020

I think public nominations might be more nerve-wracking for good
candidates than inspiring.

My sense is that we would benefit from more pro-active identification of
people who 'do things the right way', and reach out to them directly.
Often, good people don't think of themselves as leaders, they just like
to do things the right way because that's how they are. Identifying them
and helping them see that they can have a positive impact through the
DMB, together with offering to mentor them if difficult issues come up,
may give them the confidence to step forward.

We might also want to look at the way we structure the work. If it's
always an hour at the same time, it means that only certain time zones
will be well represented. Maybe we need to find a way to cover more
timezones carefully, without pushing anybody into very difficult times.


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