Launchpad bug handling after committing upstream fix

Dimitri John Ledkov launchpad at
Tue Oct 10 22:50:04 UTC 2017


On 10 October 2017 at 15:23, Liam Ryan <liamryandev at> wrote:
> I've committed a fix for a very minor bug upstream (
> ). I'm
> wondering what the procedure is from here? Do I leave the bug assigned to
> me? Is there a status for "pending upstream" that I don't have access to?

Bug reports on launchpad can have statuses for multiple products.
Usually the statuses for the Ubuntu Packages should follow the Ubuntu
process and bug status meanings.

To track the same bug upstream and other distributions (e.g. debian)
additional products need to be added. In this case util-linux upstream
project should have remote bug state as fix-released.
However launchpad only has remote status for github issues, and not
github pull requests. So this will not be of much help =( unless one
files a pointless github issue and closes it as fixed straight away.

It's best in this case to simply leave the bug as Trianged with a tag
patch - because patch does exist upstream already.



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