adding the suffix "ppa<version>" to a package name

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Hello Cesare,
My bad, I totally forgot to mention that the changelog is generated automatically by the Perl module Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ChangelogFromGit::Debian ( Of course, by following your recommendation I would say I'm missing something there (there is no option to setup version as you did in your example).

Thank you for the references, I'll go through them.

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Hello Alceu,

> In > you can see the current files in use.
you lack the debian/changelog file; to create a new entry (or the first one in your case):
1. open a terminal
2. enter your debian/ directory in the source tree3. issue the command dch -D <distro_codename> -v <your_version_number>
e.g.dch -D xenial -v 0.1~ppa1
You can also edit the file manually, please see for reference

or you may better have a look at any changelog file in any package installedin your linux box, which is handier IMO. ;)
Hope this helps.Cesare

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