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Hello list,

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*Betreff: *Re: Makefile issue
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*Datum: *10.11.2014 18:47
> Hello list,
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> *Betreff: *Re: Makefile issue
> *Von: *Andreas Moog <andreas.moog at>
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> *Datum: *10.11.2014 18:02
>> I didn't have a deeper look, but from the log:
>> /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ./etc/fop/fop-daps.xml '/build/buildd/daps-1.9.25/debian/tmp/etc/daps/fop'
>> This installs to [...]/etc/daps/fop/
>> /usr/bin/install: cannot stat './etc/fop/fop-daps.xml': No such file or directory
>> This misses the /daps/ part of the file location.
I found out some things.
The upstream project uses

lsb_release -i | egrep -iqv "(fedora|redhat|suse)"
touch .firstbuild

for identify the distribution. After configure the Makefile sets:
FOP_CONFIG := etc/fop/fop-daps.xml
FOP_CONFIG_SRC := etc/fop/fop-daps.generic
#FOP_CONFIG_SRC := etc/fop/fop-daps.redhat
#FOP_CONFIG_SRC := etc/fop/fop-daps.suse

Later it uses
$(FOP_CONFIG): $(FOP_CONFIG_SRC) .firstbuild
	ln -sf $(notdir $<) $@

If I'm running make locally i'm getting:
if [ -L bin/daps ]; then rm -f bin/daps; fi
sed -e 's|@sysconfdir[@]|/etc|g' -e 's|@bindir[@]|/usr/bin|g' -e 
's|@pkgdatadir[@]|/usr/share/daps|g' -e 's|@prefix[@]|/usr|g' -e 
's|@PACKAGE_VERSION[@]|2.0~rc1|g' bin/ > bin/daps
chmod +x bin/daps
if [ -L etc/config ]; then rm -f etc/config; fi
sed -e 's|@sysconfdir[@]|/etc|g' -e 's|@bindir[@]|/usr/bin|g' -e 
's|@pkgdatadir[@]|/usr/share/daps|g' -e 's|@prefix[@]|/usr|g' -e 
's|@PACKAGE_VERSION[@]|2.0~rc1|g' etc/ > etc/config
ln -sf fop-daps.generic etc/fop/fop-daps.xml
Created catalogs/for-catalog-daps.xml
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/sascha/repos/bzr/daps/daps-test'

If i'm running the same stuff for utopic in Launchpad it makes

ln -sf .firstbuild etc/fop/fop-daps.xml
  /bin/mkdir -p '/build/buildd/daps-1.9.26/debian/tmp/etc/daps/fop'
  /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ./etc/fop/fop-daps.xml '/build/buildd/daps-1.9.26/debian/tmp/etc/daps/fop'
/usr/bin/install: cannot stat './etc/fop/fop-daps.xml': No such file or directory
Makefile:779: recipe for target 'install-dist_fopconfDATA' failed

So it looks like the build server does the build in another way as my local maschine.
Maybe anyone knows what happend?

The project is


Yours sincerly
Sascha Manns

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