dovecot-antispam package in trusty

Paul DiSciascio thenut at
Wed May 21 17:16:38 UTC 2014

I have a problem with functionality in the dovecot-antispam package 
after an upgrade to Trusty.  In an effort to address this, I've been 
digging through upstream code repositories, and I found the following:

The version of dovecot-antispam included with trusty looks like it's 
from the 8/22/2013 check-in to the GIT repo maintained by Johannes Berg 

I also noticed that the dovecot mercurial repo also contains a version 
of this plugin that was apparently forked a long time ago. It is located 
at and last updated in 
april 2013.    It appears to not have the problem that the other version 
has, but it has its own set of problems and doesn't seem to respect most 
of the configuration options in the documentation (debug flags, dspam 
args, etc).

I've posted my problem to the dovecot mailing list, but i'm not sure how 
well it will be received since Trusty appears to be using a version not 
maintained by that project (but maybe i'm interpreting this wrong).

Here is the actual problem description:

Since this list is considered the package maintainer for 
dovecot-antispam, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the 
packaging choices here and where I might go for additional help.


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