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Thu May 15 17:05:31 UTC 2014

Hello everyone!

2014-05-15 2:56 GMT+02:00 Logan Rosen <logan at>:

> I'm forwarding this on to the Debian maintainer of the package, Innocent
> De Marchi. Generally, we prefer that new upstream versions be done in
> Debian, as there is someone there dedicated to making sure it runs/is
> packaged properly.
I have tried on several occasions to update dmaths in Debian [0] [1][2][3].
I have not managed to sponsor for the update package :-(((

The package contains some aspects little appropriate for Debian. For
example many image files that have to be installed in a directory that is
inappropriate for Debian (usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions). This
generates complaints of lintian.
There are other negative aspects [4] .

The dmaths can be installed directly as a complement with ease. It may not
be more appropriate to keep it as a package.

I can do a new attempt to update the package in Debian but I don't have
high hopes for success.

Thank you for your interest!

I. De Marchi

[0] 16/09/2011
[1] 14/12/2012
[2] 30/05/2013
[3] 30/08/2013
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