Dooble Web Browser - .deb Package for V 1.45 updated

R.R. D. rdohm321 at
Mon Oct 14 06:40:36 UTC 2013

Please find the latest package for Dooble Web Browser here:

Thanks to Lenios to update it.

A Bug has been filed to add the repository:

Soon the .deb can be found at the Dooble Donload Page too:


Dooble is a Qt Web Browser with much focus on security.
- all user data is encrypted.
- you have a dedicated cookie management

and many more features like:

   - Advertisements blocking.
   - Always HTTPS.
   - Colorful and unique desktop.
   - Complex configuration options.
   - Configurable exceptions.
   - Cookies manager.
   - Downloads manager.
   - Encrypted bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, disk caches, etc.
   - History browser, including side panel.
   - Integrated file manager and FTP browser.
   - Per-tab JavaScript, Per-tab Web plugins, and Per-tab private cookies.
   - Plugins support.
   - Session restoration.

Please add it to your Linux repositories.
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