Aranym Package not last Version

Javier P.L. chilicuil at
Sat Mar 16 08:45:10 UTC 2013


Aranym 0.9.14 is available in Ubuntu 13.04, once Ubuntu versions are released
programs there can't have major updates, if you really want Aranym 0.9.14 in
Quantal request a backport[0]. Otherwise you'll need to compile it by yourself
or wait for Raring to be released.



On 15/03/13 at 09:55pm, rudi wrote:
> Hi
> Keine Ahnung ob Deutsch oder Englisch hier..
> Aranym last Version per (l)Ubuntu is 0.9.13.
> Aranym real last Version is 0.9.14
> Please make it available for weaker users like me. Thanks in advance
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