python-empy for raring/Python3

Dirk Thomas dthomas at
Thu Feb 14 03:25:26 UTC 2013

Hi Barry,

On 06.02.2013 07:07, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> Hi Dirk!  First, thanks very much for your work on porting empy to Python 3,
> and your interest in making this available in Ubuntu.
> On Feb 06, 2013, at 11:06 AM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> In the few cases where I've run across such abandonware (e.g. oauth) we've
> tried to find suitable replacements that *are* being actively maintained
> (e.g. oauthlib).

Well, I would prefer picking a replacement which is actively maintained, too.
But yet I have not a template engine with the flexibility but simplicity of empy.
May be someone will point me to a project which I have overlooked...

> How long ago did you send that email to the authors?

I have sent an email to the author a couple of weeks ago.
But I don't have any hope to receive a response from them.

> Have you tried to reach out to any of the folks in the Acknowledgments section
> of the home page?  (There are no email addresses there, but at least two of
> the names look familiar to me.)

If you can point me to their emails I would be happy to try contacting them, too.

> Have you tried to reach out to the Debian maintainer of the package:
> % chdist apt-cache sid show python-empy | grep -i maintainer
> Maintainer: Ana Beatriz Guerrero Lopez <ana at>

Not yet, I will do that right away.
If I receive any feedback I will post that to the list.

>> Therefore I spent some time making empy work with Python3 (while still
>> working with Python2).  The changes can be found in my GitHub repository
>> I am not sure about the common process
>> for that but it would be great if the maintainer of the Ubuntu package would
>> consider integrating these.
> Since upstream appears abandoned, and the code is LGPL'd, probably the best
> long term strategy is to make an official fork and become the new upstream for
> the fork.  You should probably name the fork something different, but perhaps
> evocative of the original, and of course give due credit to the original.
> Best if you can give some long-termish commitment to maintaining the upstream
> fork, or build a community of folks to help keep it maintained.  We don't want
> *two* such abandoned packages floating around. ;)
> Once you've done that, you should create a new entry in PyPI for your fork, at
> which point we could help get the new package into Debian and Ubuntu.  Myself,
> possibly Ana, and I'm sure lots of others would be willing to help with those
> steps.

Honestly I am very likely not able to give a long-termish commitment to maintain a fork.
I would definitely spend time to support any maintainer to get the patch upstream and support potential further polishing / fixing.
But before taking maintainer ship of empy I would rather spend even more time on refactoring to use a different solution or integrate empy into one of our custom packages which uses it, because due to 
the size of the ROS project I can sadly not afford to additionally maintain package for specific platforms.

Thank you,

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