How to write a debian/watch

Rohan Garg rohangarg at
Sat Aug 10 06:47:26 UTC 2013

> After hanging out at the motu channel for a bit, I was recommended to write
> a watch file. Now, what exactly does it do, and how can I use it? Fetch the
> up-to-date dependencies? I guess that would mean a line per dependency.

A watch file specifies where to look for new upstream releases of a source, 
uscan [1]  is a tool that parses the watch file and downloads the latest 
tarball if there is a newer release. A watch file does NOT fetch the 
dependencies of a source itself (assuming that is what you meant in your 
original mail). Watch files are also used by UEHS [2] to show packages that can 
be updated in Ubuntu. The equivalent site for Debian would be DEHS [3]

Note that you also should read up on uupdate [4] and this [5]

Rohan Garg

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