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Hannie Dumoleyn lafeber-dumoleyn2 at
Mon Aug 5 09:50:56 UTC 2013

Being inexperienced as far as packaging is concerned, I used the wrong
terminology in my email "Get manual in USC". I should have requested for
the manual to be added to a Ubuntu repository. Once it is added to a
ubuntu repository (Universe?), users should be able to install it from USC.

Besides, I am not sure why here (1) it says "...upload it to your PPA...":
Once you have an initial package, follow the new packaging instructions
to upload it to your PPA or a Launchpad branch, then add a link to the
package in the description of the bug.

I have packaged the manual-nl-precise, checked it on my PC (it works
fine), uploaded it to our team's PPA and finally I have filed a bug
against Ubuntu, see (2),  added the link to our PPA in the description,
assigned it to myself and put Status on In Progress, all according to
the MOTU instructions (1).

If this was the correct procedure, I guess I have to sit and wait until
2 MOTUs "advocate" the package (or reject it?).
If I have overlooked something, please let me know.



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