WARNING: Sponsoring Queue >= 100 items

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 28 08:49:28 UTC 2012


On 28.09.2012 10:20, Iain Lane wrote:
> At this point, what do you suggest we do with the several "minor" fixes
> from bug fix initiatives like adding homepage fields, fixing typos and
> adding misc:Depends (OK, the last one is worth it if it catches
> something, but usually it does not)? There are quite a number of those
> in the queue. I suspect they distort the numbers somewhat. (Not wishing
> to rehash the debate on whether these things should be in the queue,
> just addressing the current situation)

I think we should just get them in, it shouldn't be too much effort to
review and sponsor them.

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