Marc Dequènes (duck) duck at
Mon Oct 15 15:48:37 UTC 2012


On 2012-10-15 10:14, Ruben Smits wrote:

> Currently there is no version of ruby-facets available for Precise,
> since libfacets-ruby has been deleted for Precise and its successor
> ruby-facets is only available for Quantal, since Precise is an LTS 
> this
> is pretty frustrating. Would it be possible to also release 
> ruby-facets
> in Precise?

Well, i'm not an Ubuntu developper, and I don't really know how things 
work outside Debian. As Precise has been released, and as this is not a 
fix for a major breakage or security issue, i don't think there's any 
chance having it accepted in a point release (i guess Ubuntu has got 
point releases too).

Nevertheless, I see backport branches exist in Ubuntu too, so it could 
be solved this way very easily. I don't have upload rights, so i Cc-ed 
the Ubuntu MOTU list which is the Ubuntu Maintainer for this package.

If you're in a hurry, you can manually download and install the Quantal 
package which should work perfectly (at least from a packaging point of 


Marc Dequènes

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