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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Nov 19 11:19:48 UTC 2012

Hello Ronny,

thanks a lot for bringing this up.

On 10.11.2012 10:12, Ronny Cardona wrote:
> First off all thanks for bringing us the MOTU School again, its pretty
> awesome to have it.

As far as I know there are no current plans for MOTU School sessions. If
anyone is working on them, please speak up. What we agreed on at UDS is:
an Ubuntu Developer Week, regular Ubuntu Dev Google+ Hangouts (soon to
start), updated development videos and meetings.

> At this point we have a fresh and shining Ubuntu Development Cycle, R.
> I think that this is a *really* great time and opportunity to continue
> with this. Topics that I'd love to learn by practice sessions, if possible:
>   * Ubuntu development phases: syncing, import freeze, feature freeze,
> etc. and exceptions for them.
>   * Merging (from bzr, MoM, uscan)
>   * Syncing
>   * FTBFS (<- what about some bitsize bugs?)
>   * Best practices while packaging according to your experience (like
> DEP3 tag for patches, i.e)

These sound all like interesting topics indeed. Maybe we could start by
updating/fixing the packaging guide to make sure that our docs all make
sense and then we can use that content (even if it's just bullet-points
in the beginning) to drive some sessions, whichever forum we decide to
use for them.

> What I think could be useless:
>   * Setting up packaging environment: we have a clear and nice packaging
> guide for it, and to be easier, packaging-dev package.
>   * Fixing typos: we have had *lots* of talks about this and I consider
> that every newcomer should know how to do it or have an idea of ubuntu
> development workflow in general.

I think I disagree. To you this might be less relevant now as you've
made progress on your development journey, but there will be no doubt be
a lot of new contributors who will appreciate some hand-holding in the
beginning, even if good documentation is available.

> Ubuntu MOTU School is a big chance for us to benefit from. Learn
> directly from MOTUs is what I've always been waiting for, and I'm
> willing to do it. My personal previous attempts to become a contributor
> were not such successful, but I learned a bit.

Thanks a lot for your offer of help. What would you like to work on?

> As a newcomer I've pointed out what I think are the gaps to fill in this
> sessions for us to start working by ourselves, and I would like to hear
> from you.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. If we could start by getting our docs in
a good shape, then maybe get a tutorial-type step1-to-step10 script
together, we could use it for videos, hangout demos or MOTU school sessions.

Maybe somebody would like to help Ronny with this?

Have a great day,

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