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Sat Nov 10 09:12:56 UTC 2012


First off all thanks for bringing us the MOTU School again, its pretty
awesome to have it.

At this point we have a fresh and shining Ubuntu Development Cycle, R.

I think that this is a *really* great time and opportunity to continue with
this. Topics that I'd love to learn by practice sessions, if possible:
  * Ubuntu development phases: syncing, import freeze, feature freeze, etc.
and exceptions for them.
  * Merging (from bzr, MoM, uscan)
  * Syncing
  * FTBFS (<- what about some bitsize bugs?)
  * Best practices while packaging according to your experience (like DEP3
tag for patches, i.e)

What I think could be useless:
  * Setting up packaging environment: we have a clear and nice packaging
guide for it, and to be easier, packaging-dev package.
  * Fixing typos: we have had *lots* of talks about this and I consider
that every newcomer should know how to do it or have an idea of ubuntu
development workflow in general.

Ubuntu MOTU School is a big chance for us to benefit from. Learn directly
from MOTUs is what I've always been waiting for, and I'm willing to do it.
My personal previous attempts to become a contributor were not such
successful, but I learned a bit.

As a newcomer I've pointed out what I think are the gaps to fill in this
sessions for us to start working by ourselves, and I would like to hear
from you.

Thanks for your time and have a great day.
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