Building a stupidly simple .deb

Corey Quinn corey at
Tue Mar 13 06:41:38 UTC 2012

I've got a project that lives in a github repository-- let's call it $PROJECT.  It contains a bunch of flat php files contained within a bunch of subdirectories. There's no compilation needed whatsoever, there's no build script, nothing.

I'm attempting to build a $PROJECT/debian directory so that I ultimately wind up with a .deb that does the functional equivalent of this:

cp -r ~/sources/$PROJECT /var/$PROJECT

Ideally this would bypass the $PROJECT/debian directory; no need for that to become part of the package.

I've tried a few things and am somewhat at a loss for as to how best to proceed-- what should the rules and install files look like?  I've got the control file fairly well set at this point.


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