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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Jun 14 16:08:02 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

On 29.05.2012 15:42, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> last Thursday we had our first MOTU meeting in a long time. For now we
> plan to have the meetings at 16 UTC, every 2nd and 4th Thursday. As this
> time is inconvenient for some, we want to bring up the discussion here
> on the mailing list.
> Proposals we came up with were:
>  - keep 16 UTC,
>  - old MOTU meeting times: alternate between 4 UTC, 12 UTC and 20 UTC,
>  - RMB meeting times: alternate between 12 UTC and 22 UTC.
> If you feel strongly about any of the above or have a better proposal,
> please speak up.

as this came up again, I was wondering if anybody had opinions about
this. If not, I guess 16 UTC every fortnight is OK?

Have a great day,

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