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Hi Fred,

On 9 June 2012 01:13, Fred Niggle <fred.niggle at> wrote:

> Ive been hunting around trying to find how to test if a users system has
> xdotool at install time, and if not then to have the install process
> download and install it.
> Could someone please point me in the right direction on how to achive this
> with Glade?
> While I have Android development experience Ubuntu development with Glade
> is a new step to me, so any guidance is hugely appreciated.

What do you mean at install time? At the time your own package is installed
by a user?
Make your package depend (via dpkg, apt, debs) on xdotool. Debian (or
packages can include dependencies on other packages. Probably you want to
your application in a PPA on launchpad.

If you're not yet packaged the "debian way", and running a home grown

dpkg -l xdotool will return 0 if installed and 1 if not.
sudo apt-get install xdotol will install it.

The "sudo" will require administrative rights.

dpkg -l xdotool 2>&1 >/dev/null || sudo apt-get install xdotool
will test for xdotool and if it is not there, install it (prompting for
a password).


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