Searching for a mentor

Petko pditchev at
Thu Feb 9 18:49:46 UTC 2012

  Hello , I saw that the motu mentor mailing list is merging with this 
one so I'm writing directly here . For the last moth or so I've been 
active on the community (discussions,bug reports, brainstorm , 
blueprints) and I've gotten my way around it , but it's still very hard 
to get ideas through or know where to address them . Also it's still 
hard to get how parts of the system ( development communication) work . 
So I hope someone volunteers as a "mentor" . Nothing special , I just 
don't have anyone in the community to ask some simple (or not so simple 
) questions , and get an idea of how things really work here.

For me : I'm a medical student from Bulgaria (2nd year) . I've been 
programming since high school and can work with C++ (some OpenGL) ,VB 
and QB (don't really matter :D) . I've done something like a 3D engine 
and have an AI project so I've done quite a bit of coding , but haven't 
worked with large codebases that others designed and user oriented 
stuff, so I'm not very oriented how to work with the codebase here .

Best regards ,
Petko Ditchev

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