Meeting Minutes 2012-08-09

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Aug 10 10:56:24 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

here's what we discussed in the MOTU meeting yesterday.

Killing off sqlite 2 (src:sqlite)
 - Micah Gersten brought up the topic and mentioned that it was
   something he wanted to do for precise, but ran out of time, he has
   repeatedly requested for the removal from Debian without success, so
   he figured we can push things forward by JFDI in Ubuntu and pushing
   up patches.
 - He describes the work as: sometimes it's a flag, there might be a
   little porting work, but that he'd be fine with dropping anything
   that requires porting until it's done upstream (I would venture that
   most upstreams probably have already done this, it might not be
   packaged yet though).
 - The packages involved are and
   around 10 python-sqlite rdeps.
 - Dmitrijs Ledkovs said he'd look into setting up a tracker.(?)
 - Daniel Holbach wanted to work with Micah to get something up on

Review of
 - Dmitrijs Ledkovs asked if the boost1.50 transition was suitable
   target for Q, and Scott Kitterman replied that it'd be something
   being looked into for R.
 - Micah Gersten wants to invited every MOTU (or everyone with the
   sufficient upload rights) to help with
 - Also he mentioned that it'd be good for everyont to help fix Debian
   RC bugs so wheezy can release.
 - Daniel Holbach agreed to have a look over the Bug fixing initiative
   again to remove stale content and update it to blog about it.

Update from Developer Advisory Team
 - Daniel Holbach had little to report as he just came back from
   holidays, but he's happy to report that we have a bunch of new
   contributors in quantal already who the DAT is reaching out to.
 - Also did he mention that the DAT is still looking for new
   contributors, so if you're interested in the social aspects of
   Ubuntu Development just ping him.

 - Micah also brought up a reminder that backports is a great way to
   get newer software into old releases without having to fiddle with
   PPAs, get the version you want into the dev release and run the
   requestbackport script from ubuntu-dev-tools (12.04+), the script
   will let you know what testing needs to be done.

Other business:
 - Iain Lane brought up the Plus One Maintenance team who tend to come
   up with little projects to get done. He said that it'd be great if
   those small projects were shared more publicly as "this is what
   we're going to work on this week".

Next meeting: Thursday, August 23th 2012, 16:00 UTC.

Have a great day,

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