MOTU school suggestions

Javier P.L. fco.plj at
Tue Aug 7 23:28:20 UTC 2012


Sorry my broken English, I'm still trying to improve it

At first I wanna thanks all the great guys who has been pushing the 
ubuntu motu school initiative again =), it's really nice to have a space 
where we could grab and ask some questions in a more open mind fashion 
specially for new incomers like me.

I've attended and helped to interpret the first two schedules to spanish 
in the ubuntu-classroom-es channel (in part to make it more accessible 
to local people and in part to help me to understand the basics about 
the motu related tasks), nice talks bhavani and stefano =)

The purpose of this email besides let you know how cool you're is to 
suggest you some ideas for any of the next meetings.

I think it'd be nice to have a talk about the sync and merge processes, 
I've always wondered how people do it, some ftfbs talks will be cool too.

I know I may be abusing of your nice will when asking for this topics, 
however I've not finished yet ;), I'd really love to learn them by 
examples, maybe some seasoned developers could grab some related open 
bugs and fix them in front of my eyes, that would let me start fixing 
other bugs right away and to make me feel that I'm using the knowledge 
I've recently learned, I've done some merge requests about typos (after 
assisting to one of Mr Daniel Holbach talks), I think the same approach 
could help me (again) for some more advanced topics.

I hope you consider some of these points, have a nice day

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