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Sun Oct 9 08:13:32 UTC 2011

Hi Angelo (2011.10.08_15:15:55_+0200)
> Hi! I'd like to start working with the ubuntu community, but I didn't
> receive reply about that. What should I do?

It's less than a week before release, so people are rather busy right

The best place to get going is to join the IRC channel, where people can
work with you in real-time. Although, even there, don't expect an
immediate reply, be prepared to hang around a while.

What do you want to do in MOTU?
This page is a reasonable start:

And here is a list of things MOTU does (in no particular order)

Right now, the most useful tasks are to fix serious bugs (usually marked
Medium or higher) in universe packages, and to look for other bug fixes
like that from Debian

We only have a few days left to polish oneiric...


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