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Fri Feb 18 12:38:38 UTC 2011

On Friday 18,February,2011 08:02 PM, Roland Plüss wrote:
> Am 16.02.2011 18:33, schrieb Chow Loong Jin:
>> On Wednesday 16,February,2011 07:00 PM, Roland Plüss wrote:
>>> Since nearly over a year now the gnu-smalltalk is broken on Ubuntu (since
>>> maverick to be precise) on my amd64 developer machine. Since this time I have
>>> now to dual-boot with a GenToo to develop with GST since Ubuntu only has the
>>> i368 version but not the amd64 version.
>>> Why exactly is there no amd64 version since over a year whereas GenToo has an
>>> amd64 version and it works splendid? Is it because of this one test case which
>>> fails in the build logs?
>>>>   111: DBD-MySQL                                       skipped
>>>> (
>>>>   116: GDBM                                            FAILED
>>>> (
>>>>   ERROR: 125 tests were run,
>>>>   1 failed unexpectedly.
>>>>   1 test was skipped.
>>> A skipped test is nothing special and GDBM failing the test by itself also
>>> nothing special (it's under "other package"). Is it not possible to do something
>>> about this? It's quite a nuisance to dual-boot just because an amd64 version is
>>> refused to be done.
>>> (if you answer on this mail, please also CC roland at as I can't register
>>> on this mailing list for some reason)
>> Sorry about that. It's not that the amd64 version is refused to be done, but
>> more like nobody who used the package stepped forward to fix it (just a
>> no-change re-upload, since the tests all pass now anyway).
>> There's a bug on this[1], and I've just uploaded an unchanged package to the
>> maverick-proposed queue. Please subscribe yourself to that bug, and when the
>> package gets approved for the -proposed queue (and subsequently get copied into
>> natty), please verify that it works fine on Maverick so that users may get it
>> via maverick-updates.
>> Thanks for the notifying us about this.
>> [1]
> I would do so but unfortunately my launchpad account there is broken. I can't
> log in anymore and it seems not fixable so can't help with anything involving
> launchpad. Besides I'm afraid you would have to guide me there with this
> proposed queue and testing stuff. I'm used to create and work with ebuilds but
> with Ubuntu I have no clue.

Follow the instructions here, and install gnu-smalltalk from maverick-proposed
(if you're using Maverick) or from lucid-proposed (if you're using Lucid). If
you're using Natty, just do nothing and wait.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin

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