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Alessandro Menti alessandro.menti at
Thu Dec 29 22:22:42 UTC 2011

> Hello,
>   in 10.04 software center, the description of Editra text editor is wrong (wxWidgets).
>   Sorry if I am at a wrong place.
Hi baronsed,
thanks for your report.

I had a look at the package description on and it 
turns out that in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) the description is wrong, indeed 
(it should read "syntax highlighting and *a* variety of...", see 
<>); however, in the latest 
Ubuntu version, it even does not show (see 
<>). A look at the "control" 
file (the one containing the package description and a list of all 
dependencies) reveals that an extra comma has been added at the end of 
the "Depends:" line.

I'd suggest you to file a report in Launchpad (our bug tracking system): 
open a Terminal, type "ubuntu-bug editra" (without quotes) and press 
Enter. The program will collect and upload some information about your 
system (in this case it will mainly detect the version of Ubuntu and 
Editra that you are using), then it will open a browser window where you 
can write the detailed description of the error you encountered. This 
way, the maintainer can get it fixed as soon as possible.

If I may be of further help, just let me know.

Alessandro Menti
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