brother mfc-j615w and ubuntu packages

paul sutton zleap at
Mon Dec 12 21:55:15 UTC 2011


I am currently running ubuntu 11.04 and was wondering if the Brother
mfc-j615 drivers will be included in later packages supported by cups,

as in package

brother-lpr-drivers-common  (currently this is
Common files for brother-lpr-drivers packages

or which ever similar package is most appropriate for this.

I think there is a similar package for cups.  Once installed the user
just chooses the right printer from the list after running printers -
add printer.

I got my old dcp310 working as the drivers for this are included in one
of the packages.  So once i that that installed i just selected the

Having just tried again with the brother packages and software centre,
it  really does not like the brother packages,

Previously i  sort of got the two .deb packages installed but it made a
real mess of the dpkg system,  (as in broke it, I had to manually remove
the reference to the packages from the dpkg status database to fix it), 
so I could install further packages. and the printer still did not work.

As I have 2 systems and drop box,  I have got round lack of printer
drivers by copying files to drop box and printing from windows. While
this is less than Ideal it works.

thanks for any advice, if 11.10 supports the printer then I may upgrade.




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