xmame on x86 platform doesn't work at all

Cesare Falco cesare.falco at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 21:32:59 UTC 2011

Il giorno mar, 12/07/2011 alle 17.03 +0800, nisioisin ha scritto:

> The problem is, when I install package xmame-sdl, and run xmame
> command, it doesn't work at all.
xmame has been long discontinued now and due to the perpetual-evolving
nature of the project, I'm not sure it still builds fine.
You should use mame instead.

> error: compiled byte ordering doesn't match machine byte ordering.
> compiled for MSB first, are you sure you chose the right cpu in
> makefile.unix?
could be, it's synced from debian and nobody is maintaining the
package either. I'm going to point this out to the debian guys.

> I tried to file this bug(possibly) using the bug tracking system, but
> my report is not assigned (for a long time), so I feel a little upset.
I'm sorry, I've never considered checking bugs for xmame.
I'll have a look ASAP and post some note where appropriate.


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