Enhancements for the gnome-device-manager

Kevin McKinney klmckinney1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 18:22:15 BST 2010

Hi Dereck,

On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 12:45 PM, Dereck Wonnacott <dereck at gmail.com> wrote:
> Kevin,
> Hi! Welcome to the team, I'm not sure if anyone got back to you about your
> desire to get involved. While I am not familiar with gnome-device-manager I
> can lend general advice. I recommended you go for whatever scratches your
> itch. :)
> The following portal will guide you through getting started with getting
> sources, packaging, testing, and submitting your work.
> There is a lot of information on the wiki, more than you'll ever need to
> know.
> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved

My itch is in the gnome-device-manager package; so I will be looking
at enhancing this software.

> I assume that you are familiar with #ubuntu-motu on irc.freenode.org? If you
> haven't yet done so, pop in and introduce yourself, IRC is great when you
> can't find the information you need on the wiki.

Yes, I am familiar with the irc.freenode.org.  When does the team meet
as a group? Or can I login and chat any time?

> Welcome to the team, let me know how/where you get stuck and never give up!!
> ~Dereck

Thanks for the warm welcome!!!!!

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