Incorrect path in motion.conf file

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Wed Oct 6 14:01:23 BST 2010


I have been building a couple of bird boxes with my daughter and decided
that we would have a go at setting up motion.  Fantastic application by the
way.  I did have a go with zone minder but could not get any of my cameras
to connect.

Anyway just to let you know I have spotted a path in the
/etc/motion/motion.conf file that does not exist or point to the actual
thread1-4 files.  I guess this might be a redhat path and not an Ubuntu one.
 The same thing exists in Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 so far

thread files
LINE 1 in thread1.conf----> # /usr/local/etc/thread1.conf (Should read -
LINE 1 in thread2.conf----> # /usr/local/etc/thread2.conf (Should read -
LINE 1 in thread3.conf----> # /usr/local/etc/thread3.conf (Should read -
LINE 1 in thread4.conf----> # /usr/local/etc/thread4.conf (Should read -

Motion file
LINE 633 in /etc/motion/motion.conf----> ; thread
/usr/local/etc/thread1.conf (Should read - /etc/motion/thread1.conf)
LINE 634 in /etc/motion/motion.conf----> ; thread
/usr/local/etc/thread2.conf (Should read - /etc/motion/thread1.conf)
LINE 635 in /etc/motion/motion.conf----> ; thread
/usr/local/etc/thread3.conf (Should read - /etc/motion/thread1.conf)
LINE 636 in /etc/motion/motion.conf----> ; thread
/usr/local/etc/thread4.conf (Should read - /etc/motion/thread1.conf)

Kind Regards & hope this helps
Tony Wood
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toekneewood at
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